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mountainwebdev | featuring websites you maintain yourself

Hi – I’ve been working with the web for a long time now. I work with small businesses, organizations, and creative and spiritually oriented  individuals, helping them get their message on the web in ways that people find. Responding to my clients’ needs is how I do business. It’s not a trendy slogan for me, its how I live.

WordPress is the main focus of my work these days. I use it to create websites, blogs, e-commerce sites, etc.  I work with email lists, HTML, CSS, PHP, databases, jQuery.

When I first saw a website built with WordPress seven years ago, I immediately sensed I’d found a good solution to a need I heard over and over from clients, that they wanted to be able to maintain their own sites.  WordPress has made that possible to quite an extent.

I work with excellent designers and an internet marketer/SEO expert, helping them with the technical aspects of site development. In addition to individual customers, I  am available to work with other designers, marketers and consultants.

This simple site is aligned with my personal style – keep it simple and to the point.  The designers take care of beautifying client sites as requested.   I have the privilege of working with some very talented web designers.

Feel free to contact me for quotes, questions, proposals, references, advice, etc.  I work with people locally in Southern Oregon as well as all over the U.S. via the web, and internationally too. Thank you for coming to visit my site to learn about me and my work.

development is my specialty

websites ·  blogs · ecommerce · database projects · email lists · site hosting

I help designers, marketers, individuals, companies and non-profits with technical aspects of site development.  I am a very good problem solver and solution provider.

HTML · CSS · PHP · jQuery


“Steve / Mountain WebDev has been an extremely valuable resource to us – our site needed both cosmetic and functional updating, including resolving several problems left by our original site designers and Steve proved to be a godsend; he was able to provide simple solutions,  swiftly and easily, and most importantly communicate them to us in plain language so we could make good decisions about our site’s direction and stay within the project budget. We won’t be using anyone else from now on.”
—Tom Rann – Owner, Carasoin Day Spa · Los Angeles, California.

“Five years ago, I realized that I had a huge problem. My website,, was so enormous that it was impossible for me to manage. The book reviews on the website were not in a database, which meant that the site was about 5,000 pages long. Desperate to find a solution to my problem, I contacted Steve Wolfson and he explained that what I needed to do was to create a database of reviews so that the size of the site would be manageable.

Over the next few months, Steve worked hard to create a new website for me using WordPress. He built a database that was specific to my needs, transferred book reviews off my old site, and taught me how to use the new database so that I could enter new reviews and edit old ones. After working with the new system for a short while, I soon realized that what Steve had built was truly remarkable. It was easy for me to use, and it was also easier for my visitors to use as well. I no longer have to fight with the system to get it to work, and I am getting more visitors than I ever imagined would be possible. I am very grateful for Steve’s expertise and for his support.”
—Marya Jansen-Gruber – Editor, Through the Looking Glass Children’s Book Review
Ashland Oregon.

Contact Steve by email

Phone: 541-201-0825

I am available for WordPress projects, large and small.
(I also do other web work in addition to WordPress)

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To anyone here from the support forum:
You are welcome to email questions. I will answer as time allows.